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Lease Return Options

At Kenny Kent Chevy, we are proud to continue to serve your automotive needs. Now that the lease on your Chevy is almost up, you may be curious about what your options are. You can expect our sales associates to continue to provide you with stellar customer service while helping you to learn about the lease return options suitable for your plans and needs.


How Much Is My Car Worth?

Welcome to the top trade-in location in Evansville, Indiana. Here at Kenny Kent Chevy, we are all about wheeling and dealing to diversify our selection and keep our regional customers grinning from ear to ear. And in order to make our customers happy, we make the entire trade-in process as smooth as glass. Customers simply show up and ask for an offer on their vehicle.


Information About Your Car’s Battery

Both new and used Chevy cars each require battery replacement after a few years of ownership. In most cases, car batteries last three to five years, but depending on the climate, you may need to have your battery replaced in less time. This, along with the distance you travel each day, can greatly affect the life of your battery.