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What's New For The 2019 Chevy Silverado?

For 2019, the Chevy Silverado aims to attract its customers with some desirable new features that are embedded in their new truck. One desirable feature that the engineers focused on is the bed-size space. The 6.8 V8 engine comes with a 3-piece steel bed that features three anchors on every side. The fenders and the inners are stamped separately and can move 3.5 inches per size. Additionally, the designers fitted it with a 110v/400w plug for bed lighting. The truck is also 3.5 inches longer; the engineers argue that the extra space was meant to make the experience of both the driver and the passengers more comfortable than previously possible.


VIDEO: Learn How to Check Your Chevy’s Tire Tread

Your tires are the ultimate point of transfer for your powertrain and steering. If your tires are badly worn, you may start to notice vibrations on the highway or poor traction in wet weather. A visual inspection of worn tires may show bald spots, uneven wear, zigzag patterns, and even spots where the rubber coating is worn off entirely. Replacing worn tires and correcting any problems causing uneven wear requires the help of professionals. Let the professional automotive service technicians at Kenny Kent Chevy help you solve your tire problems fast.


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